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Advertising september 28, 2016

Billboard Spies On People As They Walk By

To promote the movie "Snowden," the advertisement broadcasts information on passersby without their knowledge

Advertising april 28, 2016

This Billboard Kills Millions Of Zika Mosquitoes Everyday

The board is designed to emit the smell of human sweat to attract mosquitoes and prevent the spread of the Zika Virus in Brazil.

Advertising december 22, 2015

How to Combat Virtual Racism? Give Racists Their Own Billboard

In the fight against virtual racism, one campaign plaster racist comments onto billboards located near the homes of perps

Advertising july 14, 2015

Talk to a Billboard and Win a Swiss Mountain Vacation

If commuters at a Zürich train station interacted with a mountain man on videochat, they received free train tickets to a most scenic place

Advertising february 2, 2015

Could Music Discovery Pave the Way to Retail Discovery?

Shazam intends to make the world 'shazamable' by adding geo-location and other features

Cities october 30, 2014

New York’s Street Art Museum Creates Love Letter Billboard Series

GOOD Cities project creates billboard street art featuring three New York City-based artists.

Advertising july 15, 2014

Outdoor Ads Transform Into Public Artworks to Celebrate California History

The Art City Project will replace advertisements with art to preserve the spirit of San Francisco

Advertising june 30, 2014

Multi-Use Billboards That Aim To Solve Social And Environmental Issues

Agency Design Develop aims to help homeless people by converting billboard advertisements into living spaces.

Advertising december 29, 2013

The Most Innovative Ad Campaigns Of 2013

From a knit billboard to text and tweet shenanigans, here are the most inventive marketing campaigns of the past year.

Advertising august 30, 2013

Nike Knits A Giant Sneaker Billboard In Real-Time To Show Off New Shoe Material [Video]

Outdoor advertising takes shape under the watchful eyes of passersby.

Advertising may 16, 2013

MILF Dating Site Ad Attempts To Sexualize Motherhood

Cougar Life has placed a controversial billboard on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. featuring a young mom nursing her baby.

Advertising april 18, 2013

Transparent Billboard Gives Real-Time Weather Forecast [Video]

New Zealand's MetService has created a tongue-in-cheek ad that emphasizes their accurate predictions.

Cities april 15, 2013

A Look At The Early Days Of Shepard Fairey [Video]

Director Julian Marshall is launching a narrative film about the origin of the artist's OBEY GIANT street art campaign.

Advertising march 28, 2013

Artists Debate Music Piracy With Times Square Billboard

Indie band Ghost Beach has an ad above the American Eagle store that calls on people to pick a side.


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