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Fitness & Sport august 5, 2016

Dove Criticizes The Way Media Talks About Female Athletes

Billboard campaign calls out the media's obsession with commenting on women's appearance

Travel may 19, 2016

JetBlue's Recent Outdoor Campaign Inspires Wanderlust

A billboard combines live traffic data and flights to alert onlookers of ETA

Work february 4, 2016

This Hotel Teamed Up with WeTransfer to Make Downloadable Billboards

LA artists reveal a glimpse into their work process

Luxury february 1, 2016

Land Rover’s Real-Time Digital Billboards Make Winter Look Less Miserable

This car company put a dreamy filter on winter scenes, to tempt drivers into the cold

Innovation july 31, 2014

Color-Changing Billboards Correspond with Weather to Influence Emotions

Samsung’s Color Therapy is a multi-sensory experience that will be launched in six cities worldwide

Technology july 16, 2014

UNICEF Billboards Use Natural Silhouettes to Shed Light On Domestic Violence

A small cutout figure shines a larger light on an important social issue in this day-to-night ad.

Sustainability june 30, 2014

Multi-Use Billboards That Aim To Solve Social And Environmental Issues

Agency Design Develop aims to help homeless people by converting billboard advertisements into living spaces.

Luxury february 6, 2014

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Reimagined Transit Doubles As Effective Advertising

Brands and businesses are using public works to increase exposure and visibility.

Advertising october 23, 2013

Billboards Sporting Animated Eye Exams Could Come To Times Square [Video]

If 2 x 4 gets its way, a reel of optical illusions will be coming to New York City's tourist hub.

Technology october 2, 2013

Billboards Feature Programming Code To Lure Tech Graduates

Cornell NYC Tech uses cryptic advertising to attract high-caliber applicants.

Advertising september 9, 2013

Digital Billboards Flash Personalized Messages To MINI Drivers [Video]

In MINI's Not Normal campaign, drivers received personal messages as they passed digital billboards along a road in London.

Technology august 6, 2013

Coke’s Geo-Fenced Billboards Display Nearby Driver’s Names [Video]

Personalization campaign puts people's names up in lights.

Mobile july 18, 2013

Airport Billboards Let Travelers Download Entertainment For Long Trips [Video]

To promote the Google Play store, NFC-enabled ad panels in Australian airports let users select and interact with content.

Work july 9, 2013

Billboards Double As Mini-Apartments For City Dwellers

Belgian artist’s project turns city ads into apartments, generating money for their inhabitants, thanks to the ads on the sides.


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