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[Insight] Search queries can help identify early symptoms of diseases, says Microsoft
[Insight] Search has evolved from answering queries to accomplishing tasks, says Google CEO
Technology january 19, 2016

Pay Off Student Loans, One Search at a Time

This search engine shares its ad revenue with students to help them pay back debt

Home december 14, 2015

Bing Marries Design and Political Data to Prime the Partisans

The Bing Political Index enables users to get ready for the election by comparing the presidential candidates' positions on the issues

Sustainability november 18, 2013

Google Rival Fights Climate Change With Every Search

Ecosia is a Bing- and Yahoo-powered search engine that enables web searches to double as eco-friendly contributions.

Home september 18, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Bing gets a new identity, LEGO restores a sarcophagus and George Lucas proposes a museum in San Francisco.

Arts & Culture july 3, 2013

10 Stories You Need to Know Today

Uber offers helicopter service UberCHOPPER to New Yorkers, Apple plans solar panel farm in Reno and Best Buy set to sell Pebble smartwatch.

Technology may 20, 2013

Microsoft Hides Secret Job Post In The Bing Homepage

The software company's creative call for employees filters potential applicants.

Technology february 12, 2013

Bing & Fox News Launch Real-Time Comments Feed For State Of The Union

‘Bing Pulse’ will gain real-time feedback from Americans every 5 seconds about their reactions to the President's speech.

Technology december 27, 2012

How Bing Adds Human Touch For A Richer User Interface On The Web [Video]

Stephanie Horstmanshof and Kristin Dean trace the company's trajectory from a plain white interface to an interactive and colorful multimedia one.

Advertising november 29, 2012

Microsoft Goes After Google With ‘Scroogled’ Ad [Video]

The new campaign asks people to share stories of bad search results and recommends using Bing for more 'honest' results.

Work november 12, 2012

Steve Clayton: Speak New Languages Instantly With Microsoft Tech

This voice recognition software translates your speech and then uses your own voice to talk in another language.

Innovation november 11, 2012

PSFK CONFERENCE SF Audience Selects Today's Bing Homepage Image

Out of a choice of three, the most popular was selected by the amount of claps it got.

Retail october 1, 2012

6 Stories You Need To Know Today

The first ever animated GIF movie poster, Apple publicly apologizes for its new maps, and an airline that hands out iPads for your flight...Links to start your day with.


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