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Eco-Friendly Racing Car Made From Cannabis Hemp

Organic Burial Pods Turn Cemeteries Into Sacred Forests

Biodegradable Bike Helmet Made From Eco-Friendly ‘Styrofoam’

From a Single Piece of Plywood to a Model of Economical Proficiency

Crumple Up This Modern Clock Like You Would a Piece of Garbage

Your Briefcase Can Be Totally Biodegradable

By Cutting Out the Clutter, A Toothbrush is Cleansing Teeth and the Production Line

Next-Gen Condoms Will Be Self-Lubricating, Biodegradable, and Skin-Like

Compostable, Single-Use Festival Tents Made from Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable Sponge Supports Bone Regrowth

Wedding Gown Made Of Fungi Biodegrades After The Big Day

All-In-One Instant Coffee And Stir Stick Creates A Cups Of Java Anywhere [Video]

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