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Sustainability february 11, 2014

Micro-Algae Factories Could Be A Food And Energy Source For The Home

What looks like a household bauble accessory actually satisfies some of homeowners daily needs.

Sustainability december 10, 2012

Algae Generates Building Energy From Wastewater

New green-energy system grown on building facades in Paris, provides fossil-fuel alternative.

Technology february 16, 2012

Sony Futuristic Smart Outlets Will Make You Login To Get Power [Video]

Concept video shows how plugs with authentication and wireless charging could enable a more efficient use of power.

Sustainability july 1, 2011

Is Biomass The New Coal? [Headlines]

Does burning biomass instead of coal an important piece of the climate solution? Or does it have environmental trade-offs that exceed its benefit?

Retail january 26, 2009

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