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Technology august 18, 2016

How Olympic Athletes Visualize Their Performances With Biometric Sensors

GE strapped LED biosensors to gymnasts, runners, cyclists and more to capture their precise movements

Travel august 1, 2016

Biometric Scanning Startup Promises Speedy Airport Security Lines

Authenticate your identity and scan your documents in a matter of seconds instead of waiting in line

Retail april 11, 2016

Mobile Bank Uses Biometrics To Verify Customer Identities

UK bank lets you use your face and voice for a more secure and portable method of authentication

Design & Architecture january 20, 2016

Biometrics Could Become Standard Practice for Dating Apps

If your heart skips a beat, a genuine connection is not far off

IoT october 19, 2015

How A Company Can Build a Safe Future

The key takeaways for online and offline security

Work december 19, 2014

The Ten Trends That Shaped 2014

A retrospective of the trends we saw define the year that was

Technology december 16, 2014

High Tech Mood Rings Soon to be Available

The Moodmetric mood ring uses biometrics to monitor your mood

Work april 1, 2014

Skin Patch Administers Medication Just When You Need It

Multi-functional nanotechnology fits into a band-aid sized piece of material.

Luxury december 5, 2013

Shoes Track Whether Athletes Are Running Properly

This new form of wearable tech has a more intimate relationship with your foot than even most socks.

Retail november 8, 2013

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

A startup seeks funding for anti-rape shorts as Europeans open virtual doors to foreign cities.

Partner Content november 7, 2013

Device Turns Any Set Of Earphones Into Pulse Monitor

Our smartphones could soon be used to monitor vital heart stats, helping improve overall health.

Advertising november 5, 2013

Gas Stations Scan Customers’ Faces To Deliver More Effective Ads

New “OptimEyes” system will be launched in UK gas stations, with built-in cameras that identify customer demographics such as gender and age.

PayTango Lets You Pay With the Touch of a Finger
Technology march 12, 2013

Biometric Credit Card Memorizes Owner’s Signature

A credit card that remembers handwriting could be the next level in fraud prevention.


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