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Design & Architecture july 9, 2013

Hybrid Animal-Human Organs Could Prevent Diseases Before They Occur [Pics]

Body parts fused with different species DNA can react to heart attacks and strokes to stop them from happening.

Technology january 28, 2013

Inkjet Printer Hacked To Make Biological Materials

Open source project shows how anyone can change an ordinary desktop printer to turn it into a machine to make cells and living things.

Work december 20, 2012

3D Printing Body Parts

Organovo Holdings has announced a partnership with Autodesk to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting.

Technology september 20, 2012

Lab-Grown Leather Will Be An Eco-Friendly Clothing Option

Bioprinted cells can be used to make the material for premium goods and also as a source for meat.

Technology august 11, 2010

Bioprinting Blood Vessels On Demand

A bio-medical printing method can pave the way for printing tissues and organs in the future.


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