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Work march 7, 2016

Samsung Shows What Our Somewhat-Upredictable Future Will Look Like

Futurology cannot precisely pinpoint what’s to come—the only certainty is uncertainty

Innovation july 23, 2014

Condoms that Kill HIV, HPV, Herpes May Hit the Market

An Australian biotech firm has developed a gel for condoms that fights sexually transmitted diseases, proven effective in killing 99.9% of viruses

Arts & Culture march 10, 2014

Vending Machine Dispenses DNA Samples Like Candy [Video]

Artist launches an awareness campaign in the name of identity ownership.

Work january 16, 2014

BBC Predicts The End Of Civilization [Infographic]

How will the future of life pan out a thousand years to one hundred quintillion years from now?

Home october 10, 2013

Portable Lab Toolbox Generates Excitement Around Genetic Testing

Student group hopes to see mainstream DNA analysis with DIY testing kit.

Technology september 30, 2013

DNA Strands Offer A Natural Alternative To Data Storage

Biotechnology could store information for thousand of years without any damage.

Arts & Culture february 20, 2013

Company Hopes To Use Mosquitoes To Administer Vaccines

Student-run Provita Pharmaceuticals is studying the tiny bugs in the hope that they could become ‘flying syringes.'

Arts & Culture september 27, 2012

Opera Singer Produces Algae With Her Voice For Listeners To Eat

Unique dinner and show performance that has attendees sampling what a song tastes like.

Syndicated september 4, 2012

Cool Hunting: A Community Biotech Lab Open For Experimentation

Brooklyn's Genspace provides a platform for science innovation, letting anyone participate in classes or work on their own personal projects.

Technology january 6, 2012

Researchers Create 'Neon Lights' Using Fluorescent Bacteria

The "biopixels" in this living display can be made to glow in unison and have potential uses in medical research.

Sustainability november 30, 2011

Philip's Biolight Uses Bacteria To Light Up Rooms

The light is part of the tech giant's Microbial Home ecosystem, a concept in which the home is turned into a living organism.

Work september 26, 2011

WMMNA: Open Source Biological Art

Hackteria aims to help people experiment with biological art and science.

Technology december 15, 2010

Bacterial Colonies Form Living Circuitry

Researchers corral populations of bacteria to perform the same logic functions as silicon.

Technology november 29, 2010

Bacteria Bioencryption May Make Your Hard Drive Extinct

DNA encryption advances signal staggering implications for data storage of the near future.


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