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Advertising january 8, 2014

Why Pebble’s New Watch Is Dressy On The Inside And Out [CES 2014]

The popular smart device gets a surprising makeover.

Advertising august 20, 2013

McDonald’s Monochrome Burgers Put A New Twist On Fast Food Design [Pics]

Squid ink used to create this unique new offering in Hong Kong

Advertising july 23, 2011

Product Of The Week: Moleskine Reading Glasses

The new Moleskine readers are designed with the same guiding aesthetic principles of their classic notebooks.

Culture july 8, 2011

Portable Speakers Now As Small As Credit Cards [Headlines]

A new flat, portable speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand is ideal for an outdoor BBQ or sharing music on the fly.

Design june 16, 2010

Scientists Create A New Metamaterial

A new lab-created substance reflects almost no light, making it possibly the darkest material ever.


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