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Design & Architecture november 22, 2013

Lenticular Pattern Creates Two Dresses Out Of One [Video]

Thanks to some ingenious pleating, designer Antoine Peters’ 'Lenticular Dress' changes patterns based on the viewer’s perspective.

Arts & Culture november 11, 2013

Historic Black And White Photos Colorized By Reddit [Pics]

Users of the popular social news and entertainment site give iconic photos greater life with a splash of color.

Home october 9, 2013

Traveling Photo Booth Prints Out Giant Street Art [Pics]

Passersby given a chance to plaster their face outside Somerset House in London.

Technology september 4, 2013

Portable Darkroom Converts Digital Photos Into Black & White Prints

Enfojer is a "smartphone photographic enlarger" that enables users to develop prints straight from their phone.

Technology may 23, 2013

3D Printed Photos Can Be Seen By The Visually Impaired

Amanda Ghassaei of Instructables used an Objet Connex500 to create textured prints that can be felt as well as viewed.

Arts & Culture december 14, 2012

Portrait Series Finds Unrelated People Who Look Identical [Pics]

Photographer Francois Brunelle has captured black and white portraits of real life doppelgangers.

Design & Architecture october 11, 2012

Artist Creates ‘Black & White’ Film That Seems To Magically Change To Color [Video]

Eran Amir's 'Black & White (In Colour)' was created without any color correction, instead the objects and Amir himself were painted in shades of grey.

Home may 2, 2012

Jay -Z Redesigns The Brooklyn Nets Logo

A black and white color scheme and two new logos have been introduced as the team prepares for its relocation.

Cities december 19, 2011

Guinness Posters Feature Christmas Gifts For Men That Look Like A Cold Pint [Pics]

The ads, depicting "What every man really wants for Christmas", will be displayed in high footfall areas.


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