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Technology january 23, 2013

Target Creates Online-Only Brands

Retailer differentiates its physical and digital stores by creating unique brands that are only available for purchase on the web.

Design & Architecture october 24, 2011

eCigarettes Help Users Find Fellow Quitters

Smart quit-smoking devices allow those trying to give up the habit to find like-minded individuals through 'aware' packaging.

Gaming & Play may 12, 2011

Blu E-Cigarettes Create A Social Network For Smokers

Built-in sensors search for other blu cigarette packs and vibrate and light up when another e-smoker is close-by.

Arts & Culture july 7, 2010

(Video) Big Bang Big Boom: An Animated Street Art Tale Of Evolution

Stop motion graffiti artist Blu releases an amazing film portraying the beginning and end of the world.

Work june 1, 2010

(Pics) Massive New Work From Os Gemeos And Blu

A remarkable painting by two street art pros takes up nearly the entire facade of a derelict building in Lisboa.

Work september 24, 2009

(Video) COMBO by Blu and David Ellis

At the Fame Festival, Blu and David Ellis created an epic animation using an abandoned building as the canvas.


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