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Retail may 31, 2016

Shoe Keeps Wearers Free From Digital Distractions

Footwear brand Anatomic & Co. encourages more meaningful social interaction

Advertising may 11, 2016

Buses Can Now Use Your Location To Deliver Location-Targeted Ads

Three companies have teamed up to bring relevance to the ads we look at in transit

Technology april 8, 2016

Transform Your Fingertip Into A Mobile Device Speaker

This watch strap uses the body as a conductor and allows for private conversations in public

Sustainability february 26, 2016

Light-Up Masks Match People Based on Facebook Profiles

Carnival attendees waded through crowds in search of a match made in social media heaven

Design & Architecture february 26, 2016

Like a Banana, Portable Speakers Could Do with an Added Layer

Peel back this speaker to listen to your favorite tunes

Work january 6, 2016

The Absolut Vodka Bottle of 2017?

Winner among 28 submissions, this bottle concept can record personalized messages

Gaming & Play february 19, 2015

Transform Your iPhone into a Mini Drumset

An iPhone drumpad lets users record a music session directly from their iOS device

Mobile february 13, 2015

LED Jumprope Displays Eye-Level Analytics Mid-Workout

Smart Rope gives real-time workout feedback for curated exercise sessions

Luxury january 30, 2015

Magnetic, Multi-Touch Keyboard Will Change Mobile Typing

TextBlade magnetic device overturns how we do mobile typing with sensory approach

Work january 30, 2015

Microsoft Reinvents the Traditional Whiteboard

The Surface Hub digital screen allows distributed teams to actively participate in business meetings

Home january 26, 2015

Trio of Health Trackers for Women Prove to be More Than Pretty Exteriors

Bellabeat presents a new class of health trackers catering to the needs of women, and expectant and new mothers

Home january 26, 2015

Open Source Speaker Records in 3D Sound Via Smartphone

Boom Boom personal home speaker adds 3D recording capabilities, ups its long-term value

Sustainability january 26, 2015

Personal Robot Assistant Seeks a Loving Home

A rolling, listening, reading, talking, navigating, kid-sized robo-assistant is ready to take on the world (and your home)

Arts & Culture january 6, 2015

Urbanears New Wireless Headphones Cater To Cord-Cutters

Headphone company creates Bluetooth-enabled headphones without the hassle of wires


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