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Best of 2014: Little Box Device Turns Any Speaker into a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Teeny Tiny Device Keeps Tabs On Your Belongings

Device Zaps Your Brain to Change Your Mood

Smart Shaker Helps You Mix the Perfect Cocktails

Bluetooth Pill Box Reminds You to Take Your Meds

Bluetooth Padlock Unlocks with Mobile Proximity

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Plays Music While Floating in Mid-Air

Smartphone Scale Reveals The Nutritional Content Of Meals On-The-Go

Coin-Sized Bluetooth Remote Lets People Take Professional Grade Selfies

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Streams Audio Over Ambient Noise

Ring Turns Wearer’s Palm Into A Controller [Video]

  • 24 february 2014
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Functional Keyboard Can Be Printed Onto A Sheet Of Paper