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Gaming & Play october 4, 2016

Game Helps Autistic Adults Communicate And Make Friends

Me, Myself, and You is a board game that is designed specifically for people with autism looking to interact with others

Mobile february 18, 2015

Board Game Tests Your Web-Navigating Skills

Linknotize integrates the internet into its game play

Design & Architecture april 15, 2013

Graphic Designer Creates A Board Game Resume [Pics]

A creative way to get an employer's attention.

Gaming & Play april 3, 2013

Game Designed To Be Played In 2000 Years, Buried In Desert

Jason Rohrer's 'A Game for Someone' will take years to rediscover.

Innovation march 12, 2013

Melting Ice Board Game Shows Kids Effects Of Global Warming

'Meltdown' features blocks made of ice and players must guide a polar bear family to safety across them as they slowly disappear.

Work june 25, 2012

Books Redesigned To Look Like Board Games & Candy Boxes [Pics]

Artist brings text and images to life with creative and playful platforms.

Technology january 6, 2012

Check-In Powered Monopoly Game Lets You Own The Empire State Building [Future Of Gaming]

Metropoli combines the check-in features of location- based social networking website Foursquare with a variation on the popular board game Monopoly.

Advertising august 5, 2010

Little Village Board Game: People, Ideas And Culture Respond To PSFK Future Of Health Report

A board game to educate children on basic information about food, water, health and sanitation.


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