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Design & Architecture february 12, 2013

Houses In Bolivia Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles [Video]

Al Jazeera's 'Garbage Homes' looks at one woman's mission to provide housing to people living below the poverty line.

Design & Architecture june 27, 2012

A Hotel Built From One Million Salt Blocks [Pics]

The Palacio de Sal in Bolivia features a floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and sculptures constructed using salt due to a lack of timber in the area.

Innovation april 15, 2011

Bolivia Grants Nature “Equal Rights” In Law

One of South America's poorest countries prioritizes mother earth in a law that grants nature equal rights to humans.

Arts & Culture april 19, 2010

The Real Thing? Bolivia’s Coca-Colla Hits Shelves

Named for Bolivia's indigenous Colla people, Bolivian president Evo Morales recently approved the production and sale of a soft drink that contains extracts from coca leaves.

Gaming & Play march 31, 2009

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