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Sustainability february 12, 2016

These Color-Changing Flowers Make Rose Bouquets Look Boring

A pop-up shop by Bompas & Parr offers chameleon blooms for Valentine's Day

Arts & Culture june 8, 2015

Sound-Based Meals Let Guests Taste with Their Ears

Bompas & Parr's science-to-table dinner used acoustic technology and music to enhance food's flavor profile

Work february 2, 2015

Forget Virtual Reality: Sam Bompas Can Give You the (Real) Night of Your Life

The co-founder of wildly creative firm Bompas & Parr explains how to taste all that reality has to offer (from haute cuisine to breast bouncy castles)

Design & Architecture june 16, 2014

Colgate Creates Exotic Ice Creams To Test Toothpaste

Architectural food-smiths combine new ice cream flavors with toothpaste.

Innovation march 19, 2014

Bompas & Parr’s Chandelier Swaps Light Bulbs For Pickles [Video]

The culinary masters have wired together over 60 gherkins to produce a soft glow.

Innovation january 3, 2014

Edible Fireworks Turn New Year’s Eve Into A Mouth-Watering Bash [Video]

Bompas & Parr filled the air with peach snow, banana confetti and giant 'zesty orange' bubbles.

Design & Architecture march 20, 2013

Bompas & Parr Create An Inhalable Whiskey Tornado

This installation allows visitors to consume the airy beverage through a straw.

Arts & Culture february 7, 2013

Aphrodisiac Scent Guides Visitors Through Shakespearean Maze

Bompas & Parr created 'The Waft That Woos' installation at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK.

Luxury september 17, 2012

Mercedes Creates A Drive-Thru Buffet For London Fashion Week

British food artists Bompas & Parr curated a unique dining experience in partnership with the auto maker, complete with a light installation, revolving restaurant, and roller girls.

Sustainability october 29, 2010

Flavor Changing Gum & The ‘Worlds First Micro-Factory’

Gelatin-dessert art creators Bompas & Parr have created a gum which reportedly changes flavor as you chew.

Retail september 23, 2010

It’s Not Just a Piece of Cake: Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion

The temporary London space is the first cake shop ever to put an age restriction on the consumption of spongy desserts and all things nice and sweet.

Design & Architecture july 8, 2010

Food Architecture: Bompas & Parr’s Occult Jam

Fare made from bizarre items to go with a Surrealist exhibition's theme.


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