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Work september 6, 2013

Amazon To Sell Individual Essays And Short Stories

Amazon's new Singles format gives author's more power over their titles.

Technology march 26, 2013

How eBooks Are Clearly Different To Print

Increased consumption of this new genre is changing the way we read.

Retail november 1, 2012

Will The Penguin Random House Merger Be Good News For Indie Publishers?

The book trade's response to the creation of the new mega-company has been largely despairing – but there is now new hope for independents.

Work september 26, 2012

Why Book Bloggers Are The Key To Literary Criticism

Booker prize head judge Peter Stothard says book blogs harm literature, but a blog can explore a work at length and give coverage to books other than those recently published.

Advertising september 18, 2012

Author Writes Novel 'Live' In A Google Doc

Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is offering readers the chance to watch her novel taking shape, word by word, on the collaborative platform.


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