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Millennials september 20, 2016

Bookstore Uses Clickbait Titles To Get People To Read The Classics

A store in Dallas is trying to get people to read books by framing them as online articles

Retail may 23, 2016

Barnes & Noble Brings Beauty To Colleges

The bookseller is expanding its push on college campuses toward beauty products

Work february 19, 2015

Fairytale-Like Bookstore Provides Enchanting Social Space in Historic Bank

Carturesti Carousel holds over 10,000 volumes and your undivided attention

Luxury october 9, 2014

Experience Hybrid Space in Brazilian Bookstore

Part library and part public square, the retail space integrates cozy corners and long, color-coded stacks

Syndicated september 25, 2012

Creativity In The Mountains & Performance Art For Bookstore Awareness [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archives we uncover a presentation on how to create good public relations through performance art.

Technology september 7, 2012

Brooklyn Bookstore Resurrects Vintage Titles As E-Books

Singularity & Co brings back forgotten science fiction books by tracking down their copyright holders and getting permission to republish them.

Retail august 9, 2012

Brooklyn Bookstore Lets You Trade Paperbacks For Coffee

Molasses Books in Bushwick is changing up the traditional retail model by offering customers the chance to barter and swap.

Technology may 18, 2012

Independent Book Store Provides The Same Services As Amazon

The Harvard Book Store offers in-store book printing on demand and same-day delivery to your door.

Design & Architecture march 21, 2012

Modern Bookstore Housed Inside An Ancient Dominican Cathedral [Pics]

Architects create a contemporary retail space inside a 13th century building in Holland.

Advertising may 5, 2011

A Look Into Ed Martian’s Book [Video]

A video takes us inside the Manhattan bookstore that has become famous for its minimalist stock.

Cities april 28, 2011

In Defense Of Print

A pop-up design and architecture book store in Manhattan believes in the print medium for helping bring people together.

Arts & Culture december 16, 2008

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