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Arts & Culture october 22, 2012

Soccer Club Lets Fans Borrow Its Players, Coach & Stadium

A team in the Netherlands lends out valuable items and athletes to keen football enthusiasts.

Technology february 28, 2012

Lend Or Borrow Money Online From People In China

A startup peer-to-peer online lending service launches and has already attracted a flow of users.

Syndicated february 7, 2012

Springwise: Facebook App Creates A Lending Library Of Your Own Stuff

LA-based Loconuts has developed a new application that allows users to share books, dvds, movies, music, and more.

Technology november 7, 2011

Amazon Allows Kindle Users To Borrow E-Books

The largest online retailer is now lending out free e-books to its paid members.

Work august 2, 2011

Monocolumn: Is Obama's Message Of Change Now One Of Compromise?

In today's column from luxury magazine, Monocle, we learn that as the United States reaches its debt limit, its Obama's slow-yielding attempts at turning around the recession that are being blamed.

Travel march 24, 2010

Zero Baggage Allows Travelers To Fly Without Luggage

Zero Baggage aims to change the travel experience by letting its users fly without checked luggage, borrowing items from local suppliers through the duration of their trips.


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