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Retail september 12, 2016

Lowe’s Is Launching Its Own Line Of Retail Robots

The home improvement chain brings service AI to its California branches

Ai august 31, 2016

PSFK’s Workplace Vision: Leave The Busywork To The Bots

Our Future of Work vision is an artificially intelligent helper that frees workers from the administrative to-dos that have dogged them for too long

Ai august 12, 2016

Chatbots Are Getting Lessons In Empathy From A Machine

Koko emulates human-like responses to make AI interactions more fluid and productive

Financial Services june 30, 2016

American Express Is The First Financial Institution To Create A Facebook Bot

The company designed an Amex AI to help customers easily keep track of their expenses

[News] New York criminalizes use of ticket-buying bots and scalpers
Technology june 6, 2016

Google’s New Messaging Service Is Rooted Deeply In AI

A more dynamic chat experience that is predictive and contextual

Food may 23, 2016

Order A Whopper Without Having To Talk To A Human

Socially integrated bot lets you order Burger King online

[Insight] AI helps law enforcement identify untruths during interrogations
[Stat] 40% of bots are malicious, compromising security of growing chatbot market
85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising goes to Google or Facebook, says Morgan Stanley (NY Times)
Culture december 13, 2013

12 Things You Need to Know Today

A shocking percentage of web traffic is bots, Google Now features come to iOS, and more.

Technology november 15, 2013

Website Generates Facebook Statuses Based On Past Posts

Application aggregates incoherent and amusing updates in your tone of voice.

Advertising august 3, 2012

80% Of Facebook Ad Clicks Came From Bots, Startup Reports [Headlines]

80% of startup Limited Run's ad clicks on Facebooks are coming from bots, it reports.

Gaming march 14, 2011

Pokerbots And The Future Of Automated Gaming

Artificial intelligence, for the most part, has always been beatable in various gaming platforms, but with the increasing availability of memory that can be used to store various playing scenarios, bots are now enjoying a surprising command in virtual gaming.


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