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Bollinger Creates James Bond Packaging In The Shape Of A Silencer

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

Absolut Creates 4 Million Unique Vodka Bottles [Video]

QR Code On Beer Bottle Label Gives At Home Brewing Instructions

Bottle’s Built-In Blender Creates Naturally-Flavored Water

  • 28 august 2012
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Vodka Bottles Come With Programmable LED Ticker [Video]

Plastic Coke Bottles Recycled Into Functional Headphones [Pics]

Graffitied Wine Bottle Comes Inside A Spray Paint Can

Las Vegas Building Constructed From Over 500,000 Collected Beer Bottles

Giant Fish Sculptures Created From Plastic Bottles Glow At Night [Pics]

Innocent Smoothies Lets You Print Valentines Right On Their Labels

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