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Technology november 30, 2012

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Exxon has an oil shortage, Staples introduces 3D printing, and Violent crime takes a day off in NYC...Links to start your day with.

Mobile november 16, 2012

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook rolls out new 'Share' button, RIM offering free voice calls, and Frito Lay introduces caffeinated Cracker Jacks.... Links to start your day with.

Syndicated july 3, 2012

Campaigners Target Ethical Records Of Olympics Corporate Sponsors

BP, Rio Tinto and Dow Chemical are being accused of using the 2012 games to 'greenwash' their reputations, protests aim to remind about current environmental disasters caused by these multinational companies.

Syndicated april 17, 2012

Protest Groups Accuse Olympic Sponsors Of Greenwashing

Co-ordinated campaign aimed against companies accused of using Games to 'greenwash' unethical corporate activities

november 10, 2011

BP To End Cleanup Operations In Gulf [Headlines]

The coast guard approved a plan a week ago to relieve BP of liability from further oil deposits, unless they are traced to the Macondo well.

Home april 22, 2011

Artists Challenge BP-Gallery Relationship

The Liberate Tate group is questioning the ethical underpinnings of the arts being sponsored by the controversial oil company.

Innovation march 26, 2011

BP Exec Sees Godfather Films As ‘Manual For Life’

German Khan, one of the central figures in oil gaint BP's operations in Russia, told executives that The Godfather films were his "manual for life". Daily Telegraph

Design & Architecture october 26, 2010

Oil & Water Don’t Mix: Posters Printed With Oil From The Gulf Spill

Belgian creative agency Happiness Brussels commissioned Anthony Burrill to create a series of 200 limited edition posters, printed using the crude oil that had washed up on the beaches of Louisiana during BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Technology august 16, 2010

(Pics) BP’s Clean Up Costs Reworked

Visual Economics breaks down how $100,000,000,000 could have been used for some worldly good.

july 7, 2010

X PRIZE Foundation To Sponsor Oil Spill Clean-Up Competition

If the World Cup is any indication, sporting events certainly draw devoted crowds and passionate players. So why not use competition to save the environment?

Advertising june 15, 2010

(Pic) Anti-BP Fashion

Photo taken by the PSFK team on the sidewalks of New York last weekend.

Work june 8, 2010

George Parker: The Shrek Effect!

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK.

Mobile may 20, 2010

This Week in Branding & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the branding, digital and advertising news pieces and ideas catching our attention this week.

Advertising may 11, 2010

George Parker: Why Do Corporate Communications Rarely Communicate?

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK.


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