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These Toy Bricks Help Blind Children Learn To Read

Coca-Cola Cans Designed for the Blind

Teen Develops LEGO Printer that Converts Documents to Braille in Seconds

Door Lock Integrates Braille for Added Layer of Passcode Security

3D GPS for the Blind Converts Surroundings into Braille Maps

Educational Haptic Gloves Puts Hand-On-Learning On Your Hands

3D-Printed Braille Phone Helps The Blind Communicate With Friends

Special Font Allows The Blind & Fully Sighted To Read Out Loud Together [Video]

Moldable Alloy Will Make Braille Smartphone A Reality

Braille Touchscreen Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired [Pics]

Text Without Looking At The Screen With A Braille-Style Interface

Sesame Seed Braille On A Bun Promotes UK Fast Food Chain [Video]

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