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Technology july 8, 2016

This 3D Printer Forms Figures From Flat Paper

The technology can quickly churn out embossed images and even braille for the visually impaired

Education may 12, 2016

These Toy Bricks Help Blind Children Learn To Read

Braille Bricks were created as a tool to encourage creativity and learning

Cities may 12, 2015

Coca-Cola Cans Designed for the Blind

Agency Anonimo worked with the brand to create versions of the 'Share a Coke' cans for the visually impaired

Luxury february 18, 2015

Teen Develops LEGO Printer that Converts Documents to Braille in Seconds

Braigo technology automatically transcribes files for the blind

Sustainability october 20, 2014

Door Lock Integrates Braille for Added Layer of Passcode Security

Discreet keypad prevents 'shoulder surfing' security attacks

Work august 18, 2014

3D GPS for the Blind Converts Surroundings into Braille Maps

Discover is a navigation tool that creates tactile maps based on surrounding topography

Technology june 26, 2014

Educational Haptic Gloves Puts Hand-On-Learning On Your Hands

Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing teaches Braille in 45 minutes with haptic feedback gloves.

Mobile may 20, 2014

3D-Printed Braille Phone Helps The Blind Communicate With Friends

OwnFone has developed a device that can be personalized with raised buttons and pre-programmed to call specific contacts.

Arts & Culture august 30, 2013

Special Font Allows The Blind & Fully Sighted To Read Out Loud Together [Video]

BBDO has created a storybook featuring a combination of braille and the alphabet.

Work april 29, 2013

Moldable Alloy Will Make Braille Smartphone A Reality

New interface on prototype can help the blind text plus use everyday tools like maps.

Design & Architecture may 23, 2012

Braille Touchscreen Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired [Pics]

Mark DiLella's 'Clarity' phone features a Braille interface, user-definable keys, customizable menu and text-to-speech converter.

Work february 21, 2012

Text Without Looking At The Screen With A Braille-Style Interface

Georgia Tech researchers create a prototype for touch-screen mobile devices that can enable users to text without looking at their screens.

Home january 13, 2012

Sesame Seed Braille On A Bun Promotes UK Fast Food Chain [Video]

Wimpy's employs a innovative marketing campaign that targets the visually impaired people to spread the message of inclusiveness.

Technology october 14, 2011

App Makes It Possible For The Blind To Type On A Touchscreen Tablet

A Stanford undergraduate has created an app that allows blind people to type Braille on devices like the iPad.


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