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[Inspiration] MIT researchers use radio signals to read feelings
How the brain reacts to virtual reality visuals (Kernel)
Technology january 6, 2015

CES 2015: Thync Electrically Pulses Your Brain to Change Mood

Wearable uses neuro-signaling to induce a preferred mental state

IoT september 2, 2013

Researcher’s Brain Controls People's Movements Via The Internet

Experts have successfully connected two human brains on one telecommunications channel.

Innovation august 30, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

3D video calls on skype, post GIF's on Facebook and track down sharks in real time.

Work june 23, 2013

Brain Scanning Headband Improves Your Concentration

Melon is a wearable device and app that tracks your thoughts to help you focus.

Technology may 13, 2013

HIV Drugs Delivered Using Electro-Magnetic Particles

Drugs will counteract the brain barrier in the body, and may be the answer to curing fatal diseases.

Arts & Culture november 19, 2012

Scientists Use Brainwaves To Compose Music

Software has been specially developed to convert thoughts into elaborate compositions that actually mimic human composed pieces.

Innovation february 9, 2012

Neuroscience Breakthrough Might Allow Soldiers To Control Weapons With Their Minds [Headlines]

Strides in cognitive science may gave rise to new brand of defense technology.

Work october 24, 2011

This Week In Brand Strategy And Marketing

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news catching our attention.

Technology october 14, 2011

Mouthguards With Sensors Record Head Injuries

Researchers at Standford University are able to measure the impact of sport-related head injuries with this mouthguard sensor.

september 29, 2011

People Learn While They Sleep, Study Suggests [Headlines]

Scientists speculate that an unconscious form of memory may enable the brain to process information without one's awareness.

Mobile august 15, 2011

Do We Learn Less When We Speed Read On Mobile Devices? [Headlines]

Modern technology allows us to read anywhere and allows us to read fast. But does speed reading affect the way our brains process the information?

Innovation may 10, 2011

Brainwave Controlled Ears as Communication Organ

Neuroware pitch their latest product as a human organ communication tool which expresses a user's mental condition before and during speech.


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