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Opel Shows Off A Car You Can Start With Your Mind

Visitors at the Paris Motor Show were equipped with a special device that translated brainwaves into control over the vehicle

Arts & Culture august 22, 2016

These Blurred Pokémon Are Meant To Stimulate Your Neurons

The fictional creatures are morphed in an attempt to recreate how our brains process 3D images

Mobile october 29, 2013

Mobile Game Operates On Player’s Neurofeedback [Video]

Video game allows you to compete brain-to-brain with other players by harnessing neural signals.

Technology august 2, 2013

Agency Monitors Intern Brainwaves To Determine Their Passion For The Job [Video]

TBWA Instanbul makes it difficult to get through an interview by faking your enthusiasm.

Arts & Culture june 18, 2013

Artist Moves Water With Her Mind [Video]

Lisa Park’s performance 'Eunoia' utilizes an EEG headset to turn her brainwaves into vibrations of sound that create ripples in smal pools.

Technology february 26, 2013

Temporary Tattoos Could Enable Wearer To Control Machines With Their Mind

The flexible electronics detect signals linked with brain waves when placed on a person's forehead and can communicate wirelessly.

Gaming & Play september 24, 2012

Create Tailored Recommendation Map By Geotagging Specific Locations Using Emotions

New concept uses a headset and heart monitor to find out how you're feeling, and identifies locations by how you felt.

Work june 11, 2012

Control Video Games With Your Mind

A new video game controller has players use their brain’s electrical waves to control the action on screen.

Work may 16, 2012

Computer Helps Users Multi-Task By Doing Work For Them

MIT's Brainput system measures brain activity and gives you a break when you've got lots to do.

Technology september 26, 2011

Researchers Reconstruct Images From Brain Activity [Video]

Measurements taken whilst subjects watched movies were transformed into videos of what they saw.

Home september 7, 2010

A Mind-Controlled Musical Instrument

Using a hacked Mattel MindFlex toy, Robert Schneider, frontman of the indie rock band The Apples in Stereo has created a brainwave-directed synthesizer.


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