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Home october 30, 2013

Brain-Monitoring Stats Analyze The Neurological Effects Of Driving A Sports Car [Video]

To promote its new 2014 Stingray, Corvette recruited test drivers to take a spin in the car for the “World’s First Reverse Test Drive".

Technology february 26, 2013

Temporary Tattoos Could Enable Wearer To Control Machines With Their Mind

The flexible electronics detect signals linked with brain waves when placed on a person's forehead and can communicate wirelessly.

Advertising march 2, 2012

Can Sniffing Rosemary Raise Your IQ?

A new study shows that smelling the herb can actually increase cognitive function.

Advertising march 3, 2010

(Pic) Brain-Controlled Pinball Machine

At the ceBIT Technology Fair in Germany, the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface Research Consortium displayed a remarkable use of brain-controlled technology.

Innovation november 23, 2009

Intel: Sensors Implanted in Human Brains to Control Computers

Researchers at Intel are looking into ways to control computers using nothing more than brain waves.


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