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Financial Services may 18, 2016

How Investing In Communities Fosters Business Growth

A global bank focuses its marketing efforts on providing support to individuals and small businesses

Work december 12, 2013

Ozgur Alaz: How Does Your Business Appear On Social Media?

Use different display options available on social media to give a company a distinctive identity.

Retail november 27, 2013

How Cross Pollinating Cultures Lead To A Striking Brand Identity

Fusion restaurant branding situates Arabic typography in a Mexican dining context.

Sustainability october 17, 2013

7-Eleven Rebrands To Appeal To Health-Conscious Millennials [Pics]

Global convenience store chain strips down its logo and store design for a "cleaner" look.

Luxury september 30, 2013

Shawn Parr: How To Build Your Brand In An Agile And Orderly Fashion

CEO of Bulldog Drummond discusses how entrepreneurs can successfully share the value of what they have created.

Retail june 12, 2013

Lincoln’s New Hybrid Car Is Redefining The Brand’s Identity

PSFK test drives the new model and learns how the brand is making this vehicle stand out from other luxury, eco-friendly rides.

Innovation march 22, 2013

BMW Updates Their Iconic Sound Logo

When the automotive brand wanted to expand through modern technology they opted for re-branding their 'sound logo' instead of their visual component.

Advertising february 10, 2013

Ian Schafer: Mercedes-Benz Sells Its Soul For A Teaser Ad [Super Bowl 2013]

Even though the car company has released a cheaper model, that is no reason for such a radical departure from its brand identity.

Design & Architecture july 30, 2012

Graphic Design Inspired By Gymnast Movement

3D artist Ben Koppel and photographer Giles Revell captured the real movements of the athletes and then styled them to create a swirling image.

Home may 2, 2012

Jay -Z Redesigns The Brooklyn Nets Logo

A black and white color scheme and two new logos have been introduced as the team prepares for its relocation.

Arts & Culture march 21, 2012

Would You Recognize A Popular Product Without Its Label?

Brand Spirit presents a project where all visual imagery is removed from an ubiquitous object, rendering it to its pure, but ultimately still recognizable form.

Retail february 2, 2012

Waitrose Color-Coded Calorie Counts Help You Eat Smart

Pearlfisher designs 'you count...' range featuring vibrant colors and food photography.

Work june 9, 2011

New Book Celebrates Lufthansa’s History Of Innovative Graphic Design

A new volume celebrates the German airline's history of impeccable graphic design.

Home august 17, 2010

Virgin Gets A Refresh

The airline's rebranding makes the skies a little friendlier, more fun - and more British.


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