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Technology august 23, 2012

Marketing Guru Warns That Just Because It's Digital Doesn't Make It A Good Idea [Headlines]

Will Harris explains how to respond to ideas from younger digital natives on staff.

Technology july 3, 2012

Uniqlo And Sony Team Up For Spiderman Augmented Reality Campaign [Headlines]

The innovative retail company and the production studio have partnered on t-shirts and posters for new film which feature interactive digital content.

Advertising march 29, 2012

Aggressive Marketing "Fueled "UK Riots [Headlines]

Calls for the appointment of an "independent champion" to manage a dialogue between brands and government aimed at investigating commercialism.

october 11, 2011

Report Predicts Sustainable Lifestyles By 2020 [Headlines]

Companies Unilever and Sainsbury's have launched a report that predicts the consumer goods industry will have sustainable products and services in the near future.

Arts & Culture september 19, 2011

Facebook Urges Brands To Adopt 'Hacking Culture' [Headlines]

Facebook encourages its employees to collaborate and come up with ideas for how to improve the site; users and agencies are not always happy with the resulting changes.

Innovation july 25, 2011

New York Times Has 224,000 Digital Subscribers [Headlines]

The NYT announces progress in the numbers for digital subscribers, even after the paywall fiasco.


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