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Work october 17, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: The Big Switch-Off - Why Brands Need to Create New Ways to Connect

Brands are now supporting our need to schedule time for disconnection-creating space for significant moments, reconnecting us with creative contemplation and ensuring our well-being.

Luxury october 2, 2014
Technology september 2, 2013

Nike Remaps The London Tube Based On FuelBand Points

The sportswear giant finds yet another way to push fitness levels.

Work april 22, 2013

Nike's 5-Lane Track Features Invisible Runners

Art exhibition in Beijing's most creative district for the release of a new line of sneakers.

Luxury march 8, 2013

Chanel Opens Pop-Up Flower Stall In London

To celebrate Mother's Day in the UK, the luxury brand opens a stall of flowers found in their perfumes.

Advertising february 21, 2013

Grey Poupon Brings Back 32 Year Old Ad For 2013 Oscars

Resurrecting the 1981 ad, the mustard brand hopes to revitalize its image on Hollywood's classiest night

Technology february 12, 2013

Hack Alters Web Text Depending On How Far Users Are From The Screen

A project in development creates responsive typography software that tracks your distance from the monitor and adjusts accordingly.

Technology february 11, 2013

Expedia Create Travel Albums Using Instagram & Facebook Photos [Video]

App transforms travelers' journeys into personal stories for sharing on social networks.

Cities february 11, 2013

Banana Republic Hosts In-Store Mixers For Valentine's Day

Clothing retailer and dating site collaborate to kick off Banana Republic's 'Love' campaign.

Work february 8, 2013

Beckham Back In His Underwear for New H&M Ad [Video]

Footballer runs pantless through Beverly Hills in the Guy Ritchie directed short film

Advertising february 5, 2013

Old Spice Premieres Their Super Bowl Ad Only In Alaska [Video]

Deodorant commercial featuring wolves aired in Juneau before going nationwide

Home january 28, 2013

Starbucks Stop Motion Video Shows The Upside Of Mondays

UK ad tells coffee-drinkers to celebrate the day's historical greatness and offers discounted coffee.

Technology august 3, 2012

80% Of Facebook Ad Clicks Came From Bots, Startup Reports [Headlines]

80% of startup Limited Run's ad clicks on Facebooks are coming from bots, it reports.

Advertising july 24, 2012

Ad Agencies Frustrated With Facebook's Rapidly-Changing Policies [Headlines]

The online social networking company faced complaints from 40 ad agencies last week over change-in-a-second policies.


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