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Work december 6, 2013

Car Company Creates Print Ad Worth $10,000 [Video]

The "world's most valuable campaign" adventurously imbued paper ads with real monetary value.

Mobile june 3, 2013

Print Ad Charges Phone Using Solar Energy

Nivea adds functionality to a traditional print ad promoting its Sun line in Brazil.

Advertising may 17, 2013

Domino's Hacks DVDs To Play The Smell Of Pizza And A Movie [Video]

The fast food chain has come up with a creative new way to encourage people to get take out.

Arts & Culture april 17, 2013

Forensic Drawings Reveal Women's Skewed View Of Their Appearance

Dove hired a sketch artist to create portraits of women, one based on their own description and one on that of a stranger.

Technology january 17, 2012

'Like' Heineken On Facebook And Fill One Office To The Brim With Balloons

The beer brand thanks social media fans in an interactive digital campaign to encourage more likes.

Arts & Culture january 17, 2011

For The Love Of Coffee

A new New York-based coffee shop & bakery celebrates and educates on at least two of Brasil's renowned culinary delights.

Gaming & Play september 1, 2010

Monocolumn: World Cup Logo Bashing

Brazil’s logo for the 2014 World Cup was supposed to symbolise unity. But the simple green and gold design of hands joining together like the World Cup itself has had quite the opposite effect.

Home august 4, 2010

Unilever's Brazilian Detergent To Stalk Its Customers

The Omo brand will use GPS to follow consumers to their homes for a new promotion.

Cities april 6, 2010

(Pics) Let's Colour Project Paints Global Communities Brighter

The team of the Let's Colour Project have taken the streets by storm, armed with a simple mission to transform dull, grey spaces with vibrant splashes of color.

Technology march 5, 2010

Online Maps Indicate The Location Of E-waste Collection Centers

São Paulo’s State Bureau for the Environment teamed up with Sergio Motta Institute to create a mashup website displaying the location of e-waste collection centers across the city.

Design & Architecture october 22, 2009

(Pics) Handmade Good Ideas Salon Tickets

The Mandalah team down in Sao Paulo has created some interesting handmade tickets for next week's Good Ideas in Collaboration Salon.

Sustainability september 10, 2009

Soul Sampa: Unique Custom Tours of São Paulo

Soul Sampa creates fresh, customized “urban experiences” related to sustainability in terms of design, fashion, street art and music.

Work august 19, 2009
Innovation july 31, 2009

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