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Technology september 9, 2014

Tiny Breathalyzer Plugs into Your Phone

Presenting perhaps the smallest and lightest alcohol breath detector in the world

Sustainability june 23, 2014

Tech-Packed Car Can Detect When Driver Is Drunk

An onboard breathalyzer will ensure that intoxicated drivers can't start the car.

Work march 19, 2014

Toshiba's Breathalyzer Diagnoses Diseases Rather Than Chart Blood Alcohol

The device can be used to monitor disease progression and support activities like diet and exercise.

Innovation july 26, 2013

Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Detects Whether Exercise Is Actually Working

A prototype breathalyzer developed by NTT DoCoMo monitors levels of acetone and lets the user know whether their body is burning lipids.

Work may 29, 2013

Parking Lot With Breathalyzer Stops Drunk Drivers

For the organization Responsible Young Drivers, Publicis Brussels created a barrier that stops people from operating a vehicle under the influence.

Home march 5, 2013

iPhone Breathalyzer Can Call User A Cab [Video]

Smartphone accessory and app will help drivers make responsible decisions.

Technology february 17, 2012

Your Breath Could Reveal If You Have Lung Cancer

Old breathalyzer has been remodeled to be able to diagnose the disease with surprising accuracy.

Mobile january 9, 2012

iPhone App Helps You Tell If You're Sober Enough To Drive

BreathalEyes uses the built-in camera to measure your blood alcohol levels by scanning eye movement.


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