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Technology november 29, 2016

Startup Promises Wireless Internet For Everyone

Starry Internet, which announced its service in early 2016, aims to take on industry giants with promises of efficient set up and faster connectivity

IoT june 4, 2014

What It's Like Living With Lag In Real Life

Swedish fiber broadband provider adds the frustrations of slow Internet to real life with the Oculus Rift.

Work january 3, 2013

Five Tech Trends That Could Dominate In 2013

From superfast mobile broadband to self-driving cars, the Guardian rounds up what to expect technology-wise in 2013.

Home september 6, 2012

Wikipedia Founder Attacks UK Government's 'Snooper's Charter'

Jimmy Wales says the plan to track all text, internet, and email use is 'technologically incompetent' and his site will encrypt all British connections if implemented.

Innovation august 1, 2012

Should All TV Be Broadcast Over The Internet?

The UK is thinking about moving all TV over to the internet to leave the airwaves free for mobile phones.

Work january 16, 2012

World's Fastest Man Spoofs Richard Branson To Promote Broadband

Virgin Media's new cross-platform campaign features the Olympic gold medal winner sporting a familiar-looking blonde goatee.

Technology september 16, 2011

The State Of The Internet: A Feast Of Worldwide Data

Visual data aficionados, rejoice. An information-rich site capturing real-time data surrounding the power and current state of the internet is available for your perusal (and presentation, education needs).

IoT december 21, 2010

Visualizing Our Connected World [Infographic]

A look at the speed by which and how we're connected via the Internet in general, broadband and mobile.

Advertising july 9, 2010

Virgin Media's '10 Things Project' Makes The Consumer The Curator

A new digital campaign chronicles users' top 10 digital memories from the past 10 years.

Technology october 27, 2009

Mexico Protests with #internetnecesario and A 300 Person Human Tweet

In response to a 3% tax on broadband access,Mexican citizens began on and off-line protests.

Mobile october 14, 2009

Finland: Where Broadband Is A Legal Right

Finland is set to become the first country in the world to make broadband Internet a legal right, according to their Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Mobile june 16, 2009

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