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Technology april 22, 2011

iPad Has Already Overtaken Linux In Browser Usage [Headlines]

Just a little more than a year since its launch, the iPad is already accounting for more views on website pages than longstanding open source operating system Linux.

Technology april 14, 2011

Apple Adds Do-Not-Track Tool To Next Safari [Headlines]

Apple Inc. has added a do-not-track privacy tool to a test version of its latest Web browser for keeping customers' online activities from being monitored by marketers. WSJ

Technology april 13, 2011

Flock Shutters Social Web Browser [Headlines]

Flock, the 5-year-old social web-browser, is going out of commission. Support for the browser will be discontinued on April 26. USA Today

Technology february 25, 2011

Google Turns The Entire Web Into A Personal Cookbook

The company adds more utility to its searches, letting users trim the fat from results and get right to cooking. By clicking the 'recipes' tab that appears on the left side of the results page, the browser filters the returns with an eye towards food preparation.

Work september 17, 2010

Evolving The URL Bar On Web Browsers

A look at how simple changes to the address bar could improve a user's experience.

Advertising june 19, 2009
Mobile june 16, 2009
Work may 14, 2009

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