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Innovation june 2, 2013

Why Deep Cultural Understanding Will Inspire Better Design [PSFK NYC]

Author Bruce Nussbaum presents his book which looks at the ways in which we employ and harness the process of making.

Work may 26, 2013

Now Online: Amazing Talks You Missed At PSFK CONFERENCE 2013

Talks by an incredible mix of artists, designers, marketers and technologists inspire our audience of creative professionals.

Work april 12, 2013

Bruce Nussbaum: Creative Innovation Through Meaningful Design [PSFK 2013]

Former assistant managing editor of BusinessWeek develops ideas to help people get out of the creativity rut our culture is in.

Design & Architecture november 16, 2011

Why Design Thinking Isn't Dead [Headlines]

While Bruce Nussbaum, one of the people responsible for design thinking's existence, has declared it over, others find that the era isn't over.

Gaming & Play april 6, 2011

Can Creativity Be Quantified?

Bruce Nussbaum proposes the concept of Creative Intelligence and Creative Quotient as a potential means of assessing creativity.

Design & Architecture july 9, 2010

Why Humanitarian Design Might Not Be Successful

Is humanitarian design coming from Europe and America seen as a new kind of imperialism by poor Asian and African countries?

Home june 7, 2010

Value, Gift Glutting And The Future Of Facebook

Has the platform fallen to the very expectation it has sought out to provide?


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