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Design & Architecture july 26, 2016

Artist Creates Patterned Wallpapers Using Thousands Of Pinned Insects

The unique exhibition is on display at the Smithsonian's recently reopened Renwick Gallery

Design & Architecture november 5, 2013

Artist Creates Bright Colorful Inks Using Insects

Designer creates a screen printed book with the help of tiny beetles.

Technology may 3, 2013

Wide-Angle Digicam Modeled After Bug's Eyes

Researchers at the University of Illinois have built a device that mimics the ocular systems found in dragonflies, bees, and other insects.

Home april 23, 2012

Cookbook Promotes Adding Insects To Meals To Make Them Healthier

Delicious and nutritious recipes that include worms and bugs.

Advertising march 1, 2012

Could Food Made From Bugs End World Hunger?

A UK based design team is developing a line of edible goods made from insects.

october 4, 2011

Microbes Turn Urine Into Rocket Fuel [Headlines]

Scientists recently discovered that anammox bacteria are capable of ingesting ammonium and converting it into a type of rocket fuel.

september 23, 2011

Wolf Spiders Ate All Our Chinese Stink Bugs [Headlines]

The high number of rain days this summer lead to a boom in the spider population, who hunted down the stink bugs.

Work april 4, 2011

IBM Scientists Put Nanotechnology To Work Against Drug-Resistant Bugs

The rise of drug-resistant bacteria is looming as one of the major threats to public health across the globe. Already, it’s a mortal danger to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Smarter Planet

Technology november 16, 2010

Usage Is Like Oxygen For Ideas

Matt Mullenweg on why companies need to keep releasing newer 'not so perfect' versions of their products.


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