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Technology july 11, 2016

Building Block Game For Kids Combines Physical And Digital Play

The interactive set uses bricks and augmented reality to unlock hidden worlds

Design & Architecture june 26, 2013

Recycled Building Materials Help To Clean The Air

New Carbon Negative blocks emits less carbon than it takes to manufacture them, thus reducing the global ecological footprint.

Arts & Culture july 17, 2012

Graffiti Artist Paints Bridge To Look Like A Giant LEGO Structure

An eye-catching street art made to look like large toy building blocks.

Design & Architecture april 24, 2012

BMW Invites Kids To Build A Life-Size Car Made Of LEGO

Hundreds and thousands of toy building blocks were used to create this car.

Arts & Culture february 23, 2012

Simple DIY Project Makes A Working Camera From LEGOs & Binoculars [Pics]

Take beautiful photos with only a few plastic toy building blocks and a couple of old lenses.

Design & Architecture november 22, 2011

UNICEF Brick Inspired by LEGO Also Stores Food & Water

A toy-like brick can help third-world countries in emergency situations.


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