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Work september 23, 2016

Co-Working Space Brings The Calming Atmosphere Of Nature Indoors

An architectural firm in China has designed a new type of shared office that prioritizes the natural environment

IoT may 21, 2014

The Oculus Rift Could Be The Key To Planning Future Cities

Vrban makes it easy for architects to collaborate in the virtual world using the device.

Sustainability march 24, 2014

The Pollution Cleaning Floating Village That Could Be Built Above LA Freeways

The Skyvillage offers a radically different way of thinking about development in car-centric cities.

Luxury march 20, 2014

New NYC Neighborhood Will Be Built Over Active Train Tracks [Video]

The Hudson Yards project will add 5,000 new housing units as an extension to the High Line.

Home january 10, 2014

Illustrated Alphabet Creates A City Out Of Architectural Language [Pics]

This quixotic city-in-a-poster makes an alphabet out of unusually shaped buildings that look like they could have been designed by the famous architects.

Work december 30, 2013

Munich Hotel Twisted Into Bizarre Configurations [Pics]

Architect Víctor Enrich takes on his city's staid aesthetic with creative deconstruction.

Technology august 20, 2013

Painting Robot Scales Walls To Create Giant Murals [Video]

Electronic artist could help humans reach new heights of creativity.

Mobile july 16, 2013
Technology july 15, 2013

Google Earth Videos Model The Historical Evolution Of Major Cities

Visualizations give a timeline of how buildings are added to an urban landscape.

Advertising may 21, 2013

Kanye West Debuts Song On Sides Of City Buildings

The rapper released his latest track with large-scale video projections.

Home may 10, 2013

Build A Home Or A Hotel In Four Simple Steps

Modular design makes putting together any type of building easy and affordable.

Design & Architecture december 24, 2012

The Buildings Of The Future Are Designed By Nature [Video]

Eric Corey Freed of organicARCHITECT believes in the necessity of looking towards the natural world to solve our environmental and design problems.

Innovation october 28, 2012

What Does The Architecture Of A Post-Carbon Economy Look Like? [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to architect Eric Corey Freed about applying design thinking lessons for sustainability.

Design & Architecture october 1, 2012

Artist Turns Discarded Books Into Images Of London Streets

Daniel Speight redesigns rows of books as detailed screenprints of buildings in his Book Block series.


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