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Syndicated january 27, 2015

Shake Shack Rocks McDonald’s to the Burger Patty

As the fast-food upstart startup heads for a $568m IPO and global expansion, the biggest name in the business is suffering terrible financial results. Why?

Retail june 10, 2014

Celebrity Chefs Design Gourmet Burgers For Shake Shack

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the fast food chain is featuring exclusive products created by popular food stars.

Design & Architecture december 19, 2013

High-Speed Tube System Delivers Fast Food Right To Customers’ Tables [Video]

Hungry patrons receive their burgers at 87 miles per hour.

Advertising october 30, 2013

Polite Burger Wrappers Show Eaters With Their Mouths Closed [Pics]

The Liberation Wrapper is a napkin that disguises a female eater’s mouth with the picture of a closed, polite smile.

Advertising august 20, 2013

McDonald’s Monochrome Burgers Put A New Twist On Fast Food Design [Pics]

Squid ink used to create this unique new offering in Hong Kong

Technology june 11, 2013

Flying Delivery Tray Brings Burgers To Customers

YO! Sushi's restaurant in London introduces world's first flying tray for food delivery.

Design & Architecture december 14, 2012

Burger Chain Replaces Plastic Wrapping With Edible Packaging

Fast food chain Bob’s in Brazil wrapped their hamburgers in edible paper so customers could eat them straight away.

Work november 28, 2012

Fast Food Robot Builds The Perfect Burger

From assembling the burger to slicing the perfect tomato, this robotic burger making machine is designed to do the work of three full-time kitchen staff.

Retail december 16, 2011

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Review the best in design, trends, culture, arts and fashion in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Advertising july 11, 2011

A Taste Of England At McDonald’s

The fast food giant is testing a new menu item in the U.S. and bringing in some UK inspired items.


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