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Work january 5, 2012

Wearable Sensors Offer Real-Time Snowboarding Performance Stats [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK spoke with Nokia, a company incorporating wearable sensors into snowboarding which communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth for real-time performance capture and readout.

Technology january 5, 2012

Sensor Tech Grants Snowboarders Game-Like Performance Readouts [Future Of Gaming]

‘Push Snowboarding’ is a project that incorporates Nokia’s sensor technology into a Burton snowboard and platform for real-time performance capture and readout.

Arts & Culture march 16, 2011

Nokia And Burton Bring Their Connected Snowboards To The Public

Initially developing a concept method to passively display data onto connected phones, the team is now showcasing the technology in public trials and opening up the tool set for developers.

Work september 23, 2010

Mobile-Connected Snowboards Turn Extreme Sports Into A Game

Nokia's Push project has been working on a small scale to integrate sensors onto skateboards, and now they're partnering with Burton to take the system to the slopes.

Design & Architecture february 18, 2010

Shaun White’s High Performance Jeans

Gold medal winner Shaun White, and other members of the US Olympic Snowboard team have been seen wearing what looks like worn-in denim jeans on the slopes.

Sustainability may 4, 2009

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