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Technology february 27, 2013

Bus Stop Surprises Waiting Commuters With Sudden Rain Showers [Video]

Weather Channel promotes its new app by shocking people waiting for the bus.

Technology december 5, 2012

Marmite Launches Photo Booth Bus Shelter

The brand's lovers and haters are asked to take pictures of themselves, which are then uploaded to a Christmas light display on Oxford Street.

Design & Architecture october 28, 2011

Modern Bus Shelter Uses Cues To Connect With City’s History [Pics]

Sergio Sebastian creates an urban design project in Daroca for visitors and residents.

Mobile september 14, 2011

Evian’s Interactive Ads Transforms Audience Into Dancing Babies

French water brand, evian, brings its 'Babies Inside' campaign to a new level with a series of innovative bus shelter advertisements.

Work august 11, 2011

How To Design A Better City [Video]

Duncan Jackson and Eoin Billings of Billings Jackson Design speak about their work on bus shelters, rails, urban boundaries and lane identification in cities around the world.

Design & Architecture december 9, 2009

Solar Powered Bus Shelter Composed of Recycled Bottles

Using recycled Ale-8-One glass bottles, UK College of Design student Aaron Scales has built a solar powered bus shelter.

Cities october 30, 2009

Bus Shelter Made From Recycled Buses

Sculptor Christopher Fennell created a bus shelter in Atlanta from three decommissioned school busses. Exterior slices of a '62,'72, and '77 buses were joined together and the seating is from an old city bus. Interesting mix of creative reuse of materials and their context.


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