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Travel march 29, 2016

New York City MTA Unveils the Bus of the Future

2,000 connected buses featuring Wi-Fi and USB ports to hit NYC streets

Work september 15, 2015

LA Metro Launches Connected Bus Shelters

Program demonstrates the growing need for digitally-enabled public works

Sustainability august 20, 2014

London Testing Out Free WiFi on Select Bus Routes

'Transport for London' has launched a trial on two buses to keep passengers connected

Advertising june 10, 2013

Charging System Powers Electric Buses In 15 Seconds

Switzerland trials the world’s first bus system that could be the future of city transport.

Luxury december 19, 2012

Swedish Bus Company Offers Discount For Every Minute It Is Late

Popular Swedish bus line Swebus is offering 1% off every 60 seconds it is behind schedule.

Design & Architecture june 30, 2011

Zurich Buses and Mobile Networks May Soon Monitor Air Quality

The Swiss take the public in public transport to heart and have proposed a way to use buses to track air pollution.

Retail march 3, 2011

G-Star’s Unusual Campaign Features The ‘Mozart’ Of Chess

The clothing brand's 2011 Spring/Summer ads will feature Norwegian chess prodigy, Magnus Carlsen.

Design & Architecture may 18, 2010

Copenhagen Public Transport Gets More Social

A bus company is introducing guided social interactions to make the public transportation experience feel less isolating.

Technology january 20, 2010

Roadify: Community-Powered Service Helps Users Find Parking

Roadify is an experiment in developing user-powered systems for making public transportation and parking better.


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