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IoT may 15, 2015

A Stranger Invited Us into Her Home for Brunch and Restaurant Meals Will Never Be the Same

psfkUNFILTERED: PSFK Labs Researcher and Strategist Michelle Hum and Editorial Intern Olivier Willems enjoyed Sunday brunch with home-cooked arepas through micro-moonlighting service

Retail december 31, 2013

Bike Part Vending Machine Appears In Brooklyn

Tubes, oil, ponchos, patch kits, drinks and more located in this all-in-one bike repair machine.

Cities april 8, 2013

Brooklyn Neighborhood Re-Envisioned As Mario Brothers Map

Artist draws Bushwick as if it was part of the classic video game.

Work june 14, 2012

Installation Explores Sound As The New Programing Language

The Code of Contingency exhibit charts the effects of piracy and peer-to-peer culture on digital consumerism and looks at how using sound in new ways can turn it into a productive medium for education.

Luxury january 4, 2012

Indie-Fashion Pioneer Reveals Secret To Her Success

Wendy Mullin, the indie mastermind behind Built By Wendy shares her thoughts on Do-It-Yourself Cred, Courtney Love, and the difficulties of being a small design label.

Technology november 12, 2010

#TheSocialGraph Explores Social Media Art

An art exhibition opening in Brooklyn tonight looks at the field of social media as a medium, facilitator, and subject for art.

Innovation october 2, 2009

(Event) OBEY x PEEL at the MBP Urban Arts Fest

This Saturday, in Brooklyn, PEEL Zine (authors of PEEL The Art of the Sticker) and Shepard Fairy will unveil an exclusive poster collaboration as part of the MBP Urban Arts Fest.

Retail august 17, 2009
Sustainability july 29, 2009
Work july 27, 2009

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