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[News] GE executive: organizations must prepare for the “Emergent Era”
Syndicated november 22, 2016

Can Montreal Fight Gentrification By Banning Restaurants?

A controversial law limiting new restaurant openings has pitted business owners against those who believe they are fighting for Canada’s ‘culture capital’

USA november 18, 2016

Get Paid To Make Restaurant Recommendations

Atlis lets people ask for the best place to eat, and pays the recommenders whose suggestions are taken

[Insight] Why Microsoft is the best bet in Silicon Valley
[Insight] Has the vegan movement finally started disrupting the food industry?
[Stat] Google Home is projected to overtake Amazon’s Echo in market share by 2020
Work november 10, 2016

Platform Lets Leaders Give Away Their Time Via Lottery

A scheduling service called Time4Good helps sought-after people make time for those seeking their council

Syndicated november 4, 2016

Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs Are Driving The Clean Car Revolution

Key business leaders speak on pioneering technologies for low-emission vehicles

[Stat] Despite new payment advances, cash is still the most frequently used consumer payment option
[Insight] Ikea’s product strategy shifts to support busy professionals
[Insight] Brands address mental-health to attract millennial workforce
[Insight] Millennials now make up most of business travelers
[News] Emerging Chinese phone manufacturers leap ahead of Xiaomi
Fitness & Sport october 28, 2016

New Data Technologies Make Hyper-Personalized Training A Reality

The Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs looks at how analytics tools are being developed to optimize human performance across all industries


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