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Work december 9, 2014

Autodesk Makes Key Software Free for Educators

Engineering software giant gives away AutoCAD to schools, educators and students worldwide

Design & Architecture november 24, 2014

Alchemist Kit for DIY Matter through Physicochemical Phenomena

Samples of raw materials let you experiment with components to give shape to your ideas

Arts & Culture november 5, 2014

Stratasys Collaborates with Leading Designers to Add Beauty to Functional 3D Printing

Multifaceted, multi-material 3D printing is happening today, as unveiled at the ACADIA conference

Work april 22, 2014

'Architectural Roomba' Prints Life-Sized CAD Plans On The Ground [Video]

Construction site robot could prevent human errors when interpreting architectural plans.

Technology august 5, 2013

Popular Characters "Drawn" With LEGO Bricks [Pics]

Designer creates custom "sketches" using computer-aided design.

Syndicated november 15, 2012

frog: How Engineers Can Become Designers - 8 Simple Steps

Making the transition from hardcore mechanical specialist to design generalist can be tough, but mobility resources and CAD will help you do it.

Arts & Culture october 19, 2012

Belgian Studio Creates Artisanal 3D Printed Pottery

A global CAD experiment resulted in unique, ceramic artwork that proves the new production method isn't only for a mass scale.

Gaming & Play april 5, 2011

Steve Clayton: 3D Projector + Kinect = MirageBlocks [Video]

A research project uses the Kinect to instantaneously digitize and represent objects in 3D.

Technology november 30, 2010

Genetic Algorithms Generate Bespoke 3D Printed Robots

German tech institute ushers self replicating robots into reality.


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