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Cadbury Vending Machine Dispenses Chocolate Based On Facebook Profiles

Chocolate Wafer Kits Let Kids Build Edible Airplanes, Cars And Dinosaurs

Jacket Lights Up When Its Wearer Eats Chocolate

New Cadbury Chocolate Won’t Melt, Even In 100+ Degree Temps

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Cadbury Measures Olympic Stats In Chocolate Products

What Is The Number One Ranked Social Brand? [Headlines]

Cadbury Marks 1 Million Facebook Fans With Huge Chocolate Thumbs Up

Cadbury Wins Rights To Purple Over Nestlé [Headlines]

App Makes Brands More Interactive By Culling Virtual Information

Kraft Apologizes Over Naomi Campbell Ad [Headlines]

Kraft Acted ‘Irresponsibly’ In Cadbury Takeover Say Politicians [Headlines]

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