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Food july 6, 2016

Australian Cafes Replace Coffee Cups to Highlight Refugee Crisis

The #coffeewithlayla campaign aims to spread knowledge about the challenges confronted by refugees and asylum seekers

Sustainability april 26, 2013

Microsoft University To House Headquarters And Community Campus

Tech giant plans multi-purpose 40,000 square meter space.

Innovation april 11, 2013

GQ Opens Branded Bars In Kiev And Istanbul

Conde Nast is reaching for new revenue streams by opening more venues around the world.

Technology october 4, 2012

Harrods Ads Combine Food & Fashion For New Intriguing Image [Pics]

The famous store is trying a new angle to attract loyal customers.

Gaming & Play april 24, 2012

Tokyo Cafes Let You Have A Coffee And Cuddle With A Cat

Japan hosts numerous cat cafés that invite people to relax in the company of friendly kitties.

Syndicated december 15, 2011

Springwise: Singapore Loyalty Cards Reward Coffee Fans For Being Disloyal

The 'Be Disloyal' campaign aims to encourage consumers to support local coffee shops rather than mega chains.

Retail august 26, 2010

Rethinking The Modern Coffee Shop

Cafes are looking at ways to break up the entrenched mode of customer usage.

Advertising march 22, 2010

Cafés Double Up As Newsrooms For Hyperlocal Journalists

A news outlet in Czech Republic has opened a chain of newscafes, which act as traditional cafes as well as newsrooms for local journalists.


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