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[News] A California university creates scholarships for video gamers
[Insight] The Finish swimming pool that changed the world of skateboarding
Design & Architecture september 22, 2016

Mirrored Wall Concept Turns Fog Into A Sustainable Water Supply

Three designers have crafted a proposal to create a surface that will blend seamlessly into the background while collecting condensation

Travel august 18, 2016

This Craft Brewery Is Getting Into The Hotel Business

While pairing food and drink with hospitality isn't new, this location is entirely devoted to catering to Stone Brewing's cult following

[News] California lawmakers are approving ‘Granny Flats’ to ease housing shortages
Market Research may 25, 2016

Waze Carpool Helps Ease Traffic In SF

Google is getting into the ride-sharing business with an app that lets commuters carpool

Advertising april 13, 2016

Highway Traffic Powers Hybrid Automobile

Volvo's new model thanked passing highway traffic for powering its motor

Sustainability march 14, 2016

Restaurant Becomes First in US Powered by 100% Clean Energy

Au Fudge earns green awards for its dedication to sustainable practices

Luxury february 4, 2016

Drones Are Saving the California Wine Industry

West coast winemakers get creative in how they grow water-intensive crops

Work september 25, 2015

Save Water, Shower With This Pandora Radio Station

The Water Lover's Station plays water-centric tunes that are under five minutes long

Home september 14, 2015

Abuse Victims Get a Hand From Muscle-Bound Movers

Meathead Movers is partnering with local shelters to help victims of domestic abuse move free of charge

Syndicated august 14, 2015

Santa Monica Wants to Design Itself as a Happier Place

Residents of this enclave west of Los Angeles appear blessed indeed, yet research by the Wellbeing Project has exposed tensions that carry implications for cities everywhere

Syndicated may 1, 2015

Tesla’s Low-Cost Solar Batteries Guarantee Sustainable Energy World

Elon Musk claims two billion of the batteries could provide all of world’s energy needs

Arts & Culture january 30, 2015

Spoil Loved Ones with Personalized Giftboxes

Online 'spoiling' service curates presents and ships them to loved ones


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