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Social Media november 4, 2016

Take A Tour Of Space With Call Of Duty

The Facebook Messenger-based experience lets fans explore new locations from Activision's video game

Gaming & Play september 15, 2016

Call Of Duty Lets You Shoot Real-Life Paintball Gun

Video game company set up a physical activation at a fan event in which gamers could fire digitally from their own homes

Work february 15, 2016

How Isis Hijacked Pop Culture, From Hollywood to Videogames

How the militant group uses gaming and film tactics in their quest to appeal and appall

Technology november 4, 2014

Gaming Methods Employed by Likes of 'Call of Duty' Inspire Emergency Response Robots

Free look control increases chances of finding victims inside burning buildings

Home october 31, 2014

When 'Call of Duty' and Instagram Collide

First-person shooter juggernaut launches a social media assault with a digital-first publicity campaign

Advertising may 7, 2014

Call Of Duty Trailer Blurs The Line Between Journalism & Advertising

Can something be called an ad if it doesn't tell you anything about the product it's pushing?

Technology november 27, 2013

Gamers Can Now Play Call Of Duty Against Their Favorite Sports Idols

To promote the game's recently released installment, a mobile app is letting fans play against their favorite pro athletes.

Technology november 12, 2012

New 'Call Of Duty' Will Include Built-In Live Streaming To Youtube

Game publisher Activision is looking to expand the eSports audience and allow for multi-player games to go directly from consoles to online.

Work december 5, 2011

Round-Up: Insightful Ideas From Our 'Gaming For Good' Salon

Former Vice President Al Gore, Alex Bogusky and Aaron Dignan discuss various gaming concepts at PSFK's live event this past Friday that rise to the challenge of climate change.

Retail november 2, 2011

Creating A Sense Exclusivity To Market To Men Via The Xbox

Many brands are using the device's games and sports streaming to interact with and engage their target audience.

IoT june 15, 2011

Call Of Duty On The Cover Of Time?

Time lends its iconic cover to Activision as a preorder incentive for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 video game.

Innovation june 3, 2011

'Call of Duty' Social Network Creates The Ultimate Multiplayer

The latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, 'Call of Duty: Elite,' combines the connective logic that powers Facebook with its popular game.


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