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[News] Startup uses AI cameras to catch texting drivers
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Kodak’s Smartphone Is Inspired By A Retro Camera

Ektra is an Android phone with a powerful lens aimed at photographers

Arts & Culture october 21, 2016

Concept Camera Designed To Only Take Unique Photos

Camera Restricta is tool that prompts photographers to only capture one-of-a-kind images

Mobile september 21, 2016

A Phone’s Flash Can Now Test For Anemia

Using the built-in camera, the HemaApp estimates hemoglobin concentration and screens for blood conditions that can sometimes go undiagnosed

Retail september 20, 2016

Leica’s Instant Camera Offers Old Tech In Beautiful New Packaging

The German optics manufacturer unveiled its first contribution to the world of instant-gratification photography

Technology september 19, 2016

Turn Your Phone Into A Powerful DSLR Controller

The MIOPS Mobile app lends some of the computing power of your mobile to your camera

Travel august 11, 2016

Camera Launches Off Of Your Wrist For Perfect Selfies

Nixie is a wearable quadcopter that can record video or take perfectly-framed still photos

Advertising june 10, 2016

Camera Store Spoofs Apple’s iPhone Campaign

The series of images serves to remind people of the limitations of smartphone cameras

Design & Architecture june 6, 2016

Transform Any Everyday Object Into A Virtual Musical Instrument

The AR Music Kit lets you create a DIY experience with just paper and your phone's camera

Technology june 1, 2016

Funky Camera Only Spits Out Other People’s Photos

This camera is a bit unconventional: returning a stranger's photo for every one you take

Arts & Culture may 24, 2016

Camera Provides Old-School Instant Photography That Feels Modern

An instant camera that combines retro design with contemporary technology

Technology may 18, 2016

This Action Camera Claims To Be A Device For Everyone

As cheaper alternative to GoPro, ViDi is designed to put pro-grade results within reach

Design & Architecture march 23, 2016

Machine Learning Can Help Kids with Autism Recognize Emotions

Gamifying this often daunting task could prove more effective than traditional methods

Home march 3, 2016

Looking for Waldo in 360 Degrees of Chaos

A classic search game gets adapted for a live action format


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