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Technology august 1, 2016

Marketplace Lets You Rent Electronics On-Demand Without The Commitment

From smartwatches to cameras, Grover helps people trial devices they may be on the fence about

Technology may 19, 2016

These Lenses Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Microscope

BLIPS makes it easier to take a much closer look at everyday objects

Technology may 16, 2016

Wearable For Visually Impaired Is A Guide For Indoor Spaces

Toyota's new project provides more freedom, independence and confidence

Mobile june 24, 2014

New Camera Sensor Curves Like The Human Eye For More Realistic Photos

Sony's new digital sensor eliminates the blurriness around a photo's edge.

Technology may 20, 2014

Raspberry Pi Camera Captures Images As GIFs

The OTTO camera is the first commercial product to use this new computer module and has apps that increase its capabilities.

Work february 18, 2014

Solar-Powered Giant Robot Performs Daily Police Work

A giant robot brings traffic order to an African capital.

Arts & Culture january 7, 2014

Street Artist Reminds City-Dwellers Of Everyday Surveillance

The "Spanish Banksy" creates a monstrous wall of security cameras to shows people how easy it is to forget about them.

Design & Architecture october 15, 2013

Inventors Build Cameras To Shoot Never-Before-Seen Footage [Video]

ECAL students were prompted during a workshop to build an apparatus that created videos under new conditions.

Travel september 11, 2013

Taxi System Alerts Forgetful Passengers When Items Are Left Behind

Before and after photo comparisons detect lost personal items before the cab drives off.

Mobile august 14, 2013

Wireless Lens Turns Phones Into Powerful Cameras

Sony’s new 'lens cameras' attach to mobile devices and enable the capture of high quality images.

Gaming & Play may 31, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Microsoft camera can track you anywhere, the WSJ to launch a social network and Steven Levitt compares marketers to the Gestapo.

Travel april 24, 2013

Photographer Inserts Herself Into Historic Moments [Pics]

Flora Borsi places herself into old photos for the 'Time Travel' series, which sees her snapping pics of famous people with a contemporary camera.

Technology march 28, 2013

Virtual Dressing Room Superimposes Clothes Onto Shoppers In Real-Time [Video]

Taiwanese company Vismile has created a system that aims to take the hassle out of trying on new clothes.

Home december 17, 2012

BMW Showcases 50 Personal Journeys Captured On Camera Phones

Agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners' employees filmed their journeys home at Thanksgiving and weaved them together for this ad.


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