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Design & Architecture september 25, 2012

Create Your Own Bespoke DSLR

Rudiger Maerz GmbH will help camera aficionados create their uniquely personal gadget by selecting individual looks and choosing between various lens mounts.

august 21, 2012

MIT Develops Camera That Takes 1 Trillion Frames Per Second [Headlines]

The fastest shutter in the world can capture the speed of light in slow motion.

Luxury august 14, 2012

Designer Creates ‘Jewelry’ For Leica Cameras [Pics]

Jay Tsujimura has created a series of adornments for the classic camera, available in a floral and lizard design, which give it extra distinction.

Technology july 24, 2012

Personal Videocams Are A Cyclist’s Best Defense [Headlines]

Bike riders are increasingly using cameras and other devices to catch drivers leaving the scene of an accident.

Retail june 11, 2012

Leica Shuns Online In Favor Of Physical U.S. Stores

The high-end camera brand has opened its first North American retail location in Washington, DC and will open ones in New York and Miami this summer.

Design & Architecture june 8, 2012

Trove Of Original Polaroid SX-70 Cameras Now Available

Classic models from the mid-70's are refurbished and released by Holga.

Arts & Culture february 3, 2012

Apple Rumored To Put Cameras In Next Generation iPod Nanos [Headlines]

Computer giant might include new technology in the next generation of its tiny music players.

Technology december 16, 2011

Canon Teams Up With Ron Howard To Make Crowdsourced Short Film Inspired By 8 Photos

Canon announces the online premiere of its Hollywood short film, directed by actress Bryce Dallas Howard and only available online till the 19th of December.

Mobile november 24, 2011

How Does the iPhone 4S Camera Compare To Actual Digital Cameras? [Pics]

Has Apple created a camera phone that competes with traditional cameras?

Work november 21, 2011

WMMNA: Death Of A Camera — Captured On Its Own Film [Pics]

'Culture As A Space Of Freedom And Anarchy,' featured photos made by cameras recording their own destruction by gun.

Innovation may 12, 2011

Texas Schools Unveil Calorie Counting Cameras

Five elementary schools in San Antonio will begin photographing children's lunch trays to calculate their calorie intake.

Technology april 27, 2011

Studying Human Complexity Through Harvested Smartphone Data

The Wall Street Journal reports that numerous researchers are using information gathered from phones to decipher otherwise hidden social patterns, relationships, spending habits, and even political views of their respective owners.

Design & Architecture september 15, 2010

(Pics) Recreating The Magic Of Old Cameras In Cardboard

Artist Kiel Johnson creates replicas of classic technology.

Arts & Culture april 13, 2010

House Season Finale Shot With A DSLR

Greg Yaitanes, director of the popular medical drama House, has confirmed that the season finale of the show was filmed entirely on Canon's 5D Mark II DSLR.


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